How To Remove Dental Stains/Tooth Discoloration

There are many factors that contribute to dental stains/tooth discoloration. A combination of teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and dental bonding tend to be the best method of addressing these kinds of stains.

One of the main causes of dental stains is the food that we eat. Chocolate, coffee, tomato sauce, tea, wine etc. can all cause tooth discoloration because of their staining qualities. The staining effect is caused by dark-colored compounds (like tannin’s found in tea and coffee, or nicotine in tobacco products) that become trapped within the tooth’s enamel. Green tea leaves a dull gray stain on teeth, while black tea leaves yellowish stains, but even such herbal teas as chamomile and hibiscus may cause staining and discoloration if regularly consumed over time.

A few studies have looked at specifically how white and red wine compare when it comes to staining teeth, and while red may cause more immediate discoloration thanks to the deep red pigments, white wine seems has a greater impact on tooth enamel, making teeth weaker and susceptible to discoloration from other foods. “White wine ‘etches’ or roughens the enamel surface more, making the tooth more vulnerable to long-term staining from other colorful foods and drinks,” Finkel explains. When your teeth come into contact with pigmented drinks and foods or you use tobacco products, tiny particles can stick to the texture of your tooth enamel and stains start to develop in your smile.

Extrinsic causes of tooth discoloration can be effectively treated with teeth whitening treatments to restore bright, white and sparkling smiles. Extrinsic tooth discoloration refers to stains that occur on the enamel layer of the teeth, which is the outermost part of the tooth structure. Teeth whitening is a popular option for addressing external discoloration of the smile and are very effective. After your whitening treatment, you can maintain your results and remove any new surface stains by brushing with a whitening toothpaste or using ADA-approved whitening strips.

Although stains caused by food, drinks and tobacco use can become pretty deep-set over the years, these are still extrinsic stains that can be removed with professional teeth whitening treatment, like VAKKER Banana’s Whitening Kit, because they only affect the outermost layer of the tooth, or the enamel, so they can be easily treated.

Tooth color is subjective, and it can be hard to tell how well teeth-whitening products are working to remove or reduce teeth stains. Some tooth discoloration can be removed with professional cleaning, but many stains are permanent unless the teeth are treated (whitened) with a bleaching gel.

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