Does Charcoal Whiten Teeth?

Does charcoal whiten teeth?

Does charcoal whiten teeth?

In the world of teeth whitening, can charcoal whiten powder work? According to Lauren Levi, DMD, yes it can. All charcoal teeth whitening powders contain active natural ingredients to slowly treat of stains. The reason this works is because it is a form of the chalky carbon. This chalky carbon is treated to become extra porous.

The porous attracts toxins from your teeth to give you that beautiful smile. Some of the benefits of using a natural charcoal whitening powder is that it can clean your teeth over time. Also, charcoal teeth whitening gives patients with sensitive teeth a way to brighten their teeth without the use of hydrogen peroxide. The application of whitening powder is very simplistic.

  • Dip a wet toothbrush into the powder
  • Brush your teeth as normal
  • Rinse your mouth out thoroughly with water

  • The Bad Side of Charcoal whitening Powder

    Is charcoal teeth whitening powder bad for you?

    Though the product is marketed to customers with teeth sensitivity for its natural ingredients. The research shows that charcoal toothpaste can be bad for you. One of the main reasons that they say charcoal teeth whitening powder is bad for you is because some don’t have fluoride. The fluoride helps fight cavities like your regular toothpaste.

    Since some charcoal whitening powders don’t have fluoride, it can lead to the development of tooth decay. The charcoal whitening powder also is abrasive in texture. This would mean that it would not remove any deep stains. This limits your whitening to surface stains according to developers of charcoal whitening powder.

    The problem is that charcoal teeth whitening can be to abrasive. The charcoal whitening powder needs to be fully researched to really see the effects and the benefits. Unfortunately, scientist have not investigated the ingredients of charcoal whitening powder. So what can we all do have a better smile without hurting our teeth?

    What is better for charcoal powder users?

    Vakker Banana Teeth Whitening Kit

    Although charcoal teeth whitening powder is not fully researched it can be abrasive. We must find alternative whitening products that will not hurt our teeth. For surface stains, regular toothpaste or whitening toothpaste will remove the stains with no problem over time. Toothpaste also uses fluoride to prevent tooth decay.

    For deep stains that are created from wine, smoke, or coffee you should consider Vakker Banana Teeth Whitening Kit. This teeth whitening kit provides peroxide that cleans deep into the enamel. The best thing about this product is that it’s a non-sensitive formula that will not harm your teeth. You can get this whitening kit at a low cost of $39.98.

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