VAKKER Banana Teeth Whitening Kit

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$89.99 $39.98

  • ⏩EXPRESS RESULT: kit includes pro led light accelerator that speeds up whitening process. Integrated with 10 min timer.
  • 😁MULTIPLE (9) TREATMENTS: kit includes 3 packs 3mL teeth whitening gel syringes; 18% Carbamide Peroxide; safe for sensitive teeth
  • 🍷STAIN ERASER: remove stains from coffee, wine, soda, tea, smoking and more; visible results with just one treatment.
  • 👄SILICONE MOUTH TRAY: soft and comfort; fits any size; one treatment for both top and bottom teeth 
  • 😃REUSABLE: with any MySmile gel refills.
  • 💸Currency in USD

10 Mins Express Result


Drinks such as coffee, wine, tea or juice can stain your teeth, leaving them yellow and not attractive.


Our whitening gel safely removes the stains on the surface of your teeth without harming the enamel, leaving your teeth looking white and beautiful in just 10 minutes!

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VAKKER Banana Teeth Whitening Kit

We designed our teeth whitening kit to provide optimum results in just 10 minutes! Our non-sensitive formula lets you whiten your teeth without the pain or sensitivity and leaves you with results you will be proud to show off.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Enhances Your smile

express results

increases self-confidence

brighter and whiter teeth


18 reviews for VAKKER Banana Teeth Whitening Kit

  1. Stephanie Daigle

    I had to make time for self care. I have 3 kids, a full time job, and drink a ton of coffee. My smile was not pretty anymore. So far, I have done 3 treatments in 3 days and my smile is one shade brighter (according to the shade guide included with my kit). I am so happy with my results – no pain or sensitivity at all! I’ve only used 1 of the syringes. I can wait to see what a full set of treatments will do. 4 stars only because I haven’t finished the full set of treatments.

  2. Lexi

    I ordered this kit on a Friday and received it on Wednesday! I’ve, so far, only used it once and I already feel as though I’m seeing improvement! In the past I’ve used Creat Whitestrips and saw minimal whitening. I’ve used charcoal powder, and that didn’t seem to work either. I’m very eager to see how this kit goes after I use all of the treatments! The only thing that’s a little uncomfortable is the mouth piece because you have to bite into it, my teeth in the rear get tired and sore but it’s not too bad. Other than that, I really am glad I got this!

  3. Rachel Barnett

    So I wasn’t sure about this gel to start with. After using the three tubes from the first order my teeth were a little bit brighter. The company sent me a second order, on their dime, with a nice letter. I was really surprised. So I have continued to use it, and my teeth look nice.

  4. Mike Hickman

    I bought this a week ago and couldn’t be happier! I love how they figured out how to make my teeth not sensitive for 2 days after I whiten them. I would recommend this product to everyone. I really think this is gonna be a winner!

  5. Mary burgess

    Today was my third time using My Smile. I used it according to the included directions, which indicated 30 minutes. I didn’t notice much of a difference after my first use but now there is a huge difference between my front teeth and my back teeth that aren’t visible anyway. It comes in a nice box that is great for storing the mouth tray and gel syringes. I also like the timer feature on LED accelerator light. Comparing my teeth to the levels on the included chart, I would say that I was between a 9 and 10 before first use and now around a 5 or 6. The tray is comfortable, the gel is easy to rinse off my teeth, and I have not experienced a bit of sensitivity. I have tried so many expensive whitening products that were messy and barely made a bit of difference. I just can’t get over that this was only $23.99 or the fact that it truly works!!!!

  6. Taylor

    My husband had bought this originally and after just 2 days of him using it once a night I could see a significant change in whiteness of his teeth (and he didn’t have yellow teeth to begin with), I knew I needed to try this. Now, I am generally pretty wary of teeth whiteing products because I have had a problem with sensitivity in the past but I have been using this every night (with the exception of one night) since recieving it about a week ago. I have smoked for over 5 years and as a result my teeth have yellowed. I am in the process of quitting and as motivation I wanted to whiten my teeth. My teeth in less than a weeks time have changed in at least 3 shades and I have gotten compliments on my teeth since just the 3rd day. And the best part: no sensitivity! I highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to whiten their teeth at home effectively, even if you have sensitivity problems. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that you can get a free refill if you send a picture of the code to the company within a week of receiving your kit!

  7. The Maxsonista

    This kit comes with a 9 day supply of whitening gel even though the instructions say to do this for 7 days. I ended up doing the full 9 days, but I’ll explain how I did it at the end. There’s a trick to this and I wish I would have figured it out before day 3, but better late than never, right? It worked for me personally, but may not stimulate the same results for everyone. I would also like to add that I have healthy teeth that whiten well. Hope this helps!!

  8. Ana Fernandez

    I barely got the kit yesterday, so far I’ve used it twice, once at night and the second time in the morning.. I have to say I’m very impressed!!
    At first I was worried this product would get my teeth stained but so far so good!!! I’ve been able to see the difference and this is why I’m giving it 5 stars.
    I’m trying to be very consistent with it and I’m hoping to show results after a week!!!

  9. LeighaFindlay

    The first treatment got me a visible result, and I didn’t have trouble with sensitivity. I did three treatments and would do it again after an interval of restaining, because I’m not giving up coffee or blackberries.

    The concept seemed good to me but I was still a little skeptical. Now I think it’s a very good bargain, worth doing for nearly anybody with stained teeth.

  10. Olaf Markham

    This is amazing and really works for me. I’m suprised it worked especially with the price, i was so scared and skeptical since i have extremely sensitive teeth! I have done 10 min only and you can go longer each time, the first few times you feel like some stains were lifted and others werent , so you think it looks blotchy . Dont be scared its lifting the really bad stains first !! And the blotchiness you feel is there but goes away until the next treatment. It worked in 4 days, i saw the difference in my teeth. Im continuing to use it and reordering refills.

  11. Youssef Blanchard

    I have been using the Vakker Banana teeth whitening kit for 3 days so far and the results are already showing! My teeth are so much whiter than before and there is no sensitivity when I use it. I would absolutely recommend this product, it is by far the best teeth whitening product I have tried!

  12. Rosemary Perez

    This is really amazing product! I just used once ! It look my teeth much whiten than before ! You should have it !

  13. Kornelia Ellis

    This teeth whitening kit it amazing! I have used many teeth whitening products but none of them worked as good as this one! I saw results the first time I used it and i’m excited to see my smile when I finish the whole kit!

  14. Grant Pike

    I have tried several teeth whitening treatments, and this one is the same one I received from a dentist over three years ago, but without the light.

    I can tell the fluid is the same stuff….it will definitely make your gums sensitive after a few uses. After using it for seven days as per the instructions, my gums were almost painful…but I stayed with it.

    I can tell a definite difference….it has made my teeth about three shades lighter than they were before I started. They provide a shade card (see photo), and my teeth were about an 11 before I started, and their color moved down on the scale about three shades to an 8. Not exactly bleached white results, but they do look better than they did.

    In the past nothing really worked for me to any degree, so apparently the light that this method uses makes a difference and this is the first time I have noticed any change at all.

    I like the timer built into the light….makes it easy to know when you’re done.

    Your mileage may vary, but for me they did work, but when I smile my teeth are not going to blind anyone from their brightness anytime soon.

  15. Vikram Clay

    I’ve been using the stuff and kit I got from a dentist years ago. This is the same, but it costs way less. If you are going to try this without seeing a dentist first, there are some things you need to know.

    The first is that the peroxide will burn and bleach your gums. It’s AWFUL. Do not get this stuff on your gums. The second you feel stinging, use a wet washcloth to thoroughly clean the peroxide off your flesh.

    The second is that if you have a lot of tartar, you may not like your results. Tartar turns a different color from teeth when you bleach it. So scrape that stuff off first.

    The third is to follow the instructions – especially about eating and drinking right before and right after.

    The fourth is remineralize. You can buy special stuff, or you can fill trays or saran wrap with sensodyne, plaster that stuff on your teeth, and let it sit a while. There’s a japanese toothpaste that does a fantastic job as well, but it is a lot more expensive than normal sensitive teeth toothpaste, which works by coating your teeth.

    Last one is brush and floss. Use a water flosser if you like. I have Sjogren’s, and it’s hard to keep my mouth in good shale, but I hate going to the dentist, and I like having teeth.

  16. Gregg Sanchez

    No problem with the two times I used them. No allergies. Pretty clear instructions and you can do things simultaneously. I will update this review when I use the whole treatment to tell the final result.

  17. Maisha Dorsey

    I have used similar Teeth Whitening kits before, but this was much better than ones I have used in the past. The instructions are pretty easy to follow, as you need to use the gel pens on the applicator that goes in your mouth. Be careful when placing in your mouth to keep only on teeth, and not your gums.

    It may be a little awkward to input the light into your mouth, as you may experience a build up of saliva as I did. Can be a little uncomfortable if that happens.

    This is easy to use, and then catch up on TV while the light does its work.

    I have noticed a small shade better, so that is a positive. I would imagine you would need to continue using for quite some time to get the best results. But it does provide positive, whiter results!

  18. Taybah Holcomb

    This teeth-whitening product is perfect for removing pesky stains from coffee or just everyday wear and tear. It is so easy to use, and you can do other things while the light is shining in your mouth. In just a few days, I noticed a big difference. As another reviewer mentioned, my teeth were a bit splotchy at first, but after another use, that went away.

    I will never be going back – the whiteness of my teeth is worth celebrating. This is something I have wanted for years, yet was never able to attain. I am so thankful for this product! I think the price is totally fair for something you can use over and over again. I did not notice any sensitivities or pain to my teeth at all. Highly recommended.

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